August 13, 2022

Worm Harness

Definition of worm harness

A pre-tied fishing leader typically tied with 2 bait hooks close enough to each other to hold one large worm (Nightcrawler) or two smaller worms. The harness will have beads and colored blades attached by clevises which allow the blades to spin while being trolled. Crawler harnesses utilize the effective combination of protein, vibration, flashing light reflections, color, and movement to attract predatory fish to strike. They can be tied with nylon or wire leader material.

Variations of the term worm harness

• crawler harness
• meat harness
• willow blade harness
• colorado harness
• blade harness

How to use worm harness in a sentence

My favorite worm harness is a fluorocarbon colorado blade in watermelon pattern.

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